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Why Index? / 指数的意义?

ChemoPower is the only company in the world with a super-fast, high-throughput and universal analytical technology. This enables ChemoPower to establish comprehensive quality standards for all kinds of medicinal herbs.

Most quality standards are established based on the presence of one or two detectable chemical compounds. Since medicinal herbs typically contain hundreds of chemical compounds, ascertaining the quality based on one or two chemical compounds may not be representative.

ChemoPower adopts more than ten beneficial chemical compounds to grade the quality of medicinal herbs, which would be more comprehensive and representative of their qualities.       


中药和中药材标准化的难点,就在于如何把药材作为一个整体来分析。 科技发展到现在,常用方法关于药材质量的定级,依旧是基于药材中的一到两个成分。而分子信息公司则对每种药材,都依照几十个成分去进行科学的定性和定级,让消费者对中药的质量一目了然,也利于防止假冒伪劣药材泛滥。

Example of Quality Index

As shown left, the volatile composition of 4 different moxa products from different companies is quite different in terms of concentration and no. of chemicals. Therefore their quality and therapeutic effect differ much. with ChemoPower’s comprehensive Index system users will know the quality of the products confidently and easily by its ranking