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ChemoPower Certified Product’s Sticker with QR Code

  • Authentic QR codes will lead to the product pages from the website
  • The numerical score and sticker identical to the physical sticker on products will be shown.
  • A product without a numerical score represents that product grading is kept confidential to the public. Kindly contact ChemoPower to find out more.
  • Malicious QR codes may lead to malicious websites that do not represent ChemoPower. The product grading that seen on such websites and stickers should not be trusted.

Each QR code is specific to a product and has a designated product web page. Therefore, ChemoPower can apply a standard sticker format to all different products.

QR 码 质 量 标 签

  • 正规产品上的二维码在扫描后会跳转到我们的官方网站 (的产品页面。
  • 网页上显示的标签和指数应该与您产品的标签和指数相一致。
  • 如果网页标签中的指数部分为问号,说明这个产品已经被测试过但是指数没有被公开。如果您想要知道这些产品的级别,请联系分子信息公司
  • 如扫描二维码后跳转到了其他网站,则您的产品可能使用了伪造的条形码,在该标签和网站上看到的分数不可信。